Citizens in Puerto Rico, which the president did in October

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replica designer bags wholesale The dragons fist comes to mind; and I think the walloper (could be mistaken). The Six Feet Under as well as a few others. The pulverizer has a natural impact per hit so great it probably doesn’t even need a perk.Thanks for bringing this up though I do think for KO to remain competitive with other class perks it could use a few things! Cheers and good post mate!iEssence 2 points submitted 2 days agoYeah the issue with most soldiers outside of the ones mentioned in this thread is that they dont have any “damage buffs”So Steel Wool as main for example even with 100% uptime his stats in warcry is basically the same as you would replica bags louis vuitton get with Bulletstorm as main except you dont replica bags nyc need warcry for those stats they do reach a higher total at the end since you can use Bullet+Crack in the support but thats only if you are nonstop killing to keep the uptime, and this doesnt account for that you can just use warcry on jonesy as well to replica bags online pop off way above the others as replica bags in bangkok wellSo its just not worth it if you ask me reason replica bags gucci i listed Banshee up there earlier as well is simply because of her damage buff to warcry which lets her do more damage than the others in that short periodIf we get more perks to buff Warcry then i imagine Carlos can jump up to be better, (i really hope Epic having made it easier with perks will start releasing heroes at a higher pace as well as making it easier for people to grind for them since we before needed 1 we now need 6 for a single hero we want to play)(also didnt know about unlimited stacks so many small coding bugs they have in this patch lol)(even Rio was a last second addition as her name popped up in the discord, i initially only planned on showing that Sledgehammer wasnt the “god” he was made out to be by many then i figured id expand a little on it so the whole “best soldier” thing came afterwards and wasnt why i wanted to post in the first place so my research was lacking.)Was planning to check out how he compared tomorrow though but since you brought it up (and im Wholesale Replica Bags a bit bored) i figured id do it now assuming the same stats replica bags wholesale as above (albeit starting at full stacks to make the maths easier because im lazy Crackshots full stack is better though so take the end result with a grain of salt)Bulletstorm with his perk + Crackshot adds up to 100% damage and 25% fire rate,So assuming the same stats as depicted in my postWith Rescue Trooper and Sledge and Crack/Bullet as Commander/Support as well.Add to that the big burst of damage you can get with the War Cry, and the fact that Jonesy gets his stacks in a magazine of 25 vs 50 for Crack, which skews the numbers a bit to Cracks advantage so the actual difference is probably Bulletstorm coming out with about 10% or so higher (estimate) This is wihtout considering War Cry whatsoever though add in that and well,,,, i have a new soldier to put as commander tomorrow lolSo i stand corrected they are quite even though, and the both of them stand a replica bags thailand fair bit over the others (outside of Rio but shes way too gimmicky to be reliably hitting her max DPS all the time, and why bother doing so when you can just hold down the mouse button.) so id say it comes down to which you like the most but bulletstorm is a clear winner to meIn fact adding in Sledge and Rescue to it assuming you put Crack and Bullet on them as support fully stacked up as well the damage difference honestly isnt going to be that big No question about it though that LMG is the king as to what you are going to play will come down to which skin you want i suppose (Really though no matter what soldier you pick as long as you pick and LMG they will be melting anything in front of you lol)(PS dont compare these numbers to the others in the post as these are when they are fully stacked and i dont really know how to put an incremenetal increase in % per shot into 1 calculation and i dont feel like counting each and every shot by itself one by one 200 times xD) 2 points submitted 3 days ago replica designer bags wholesale.

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